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    The opposite agrees, and from the discordants the most beautiful harmony is formed,
    and everything is engendered by discord.


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Our Music



Concuerda y más
Día Europeo de la música. 19:00 hs.

Casino de Madrid (Salón del Principe). C/ Alcalá, 15. 28014 Madrid. (Spain).


21 may, 19:00 hs. "Concierto Especial "Raices clásicas con savia flamenca" Valverde 22. 28004 Madrid.(Spain).

10 may, 19:30 hs. Auditorio Municipal Sebastián Cestero. 19:30 hs. 28229 Villanueva del Pardillo. Madrid.(Spain).

23 april, 20:30 hs. "Día de libro, música, poesía y flamenco". Librería Rafael Alberti. 28008 Madrid. (Spain).

27 january, 19:30 hs. Café Ziryab. 28005 Madrid (Spain).

23 december, 18:00 hs.Iglesia Nuestra Señora de la Asunción. 19129 Pareja. Guadalajara (Spain).

23 november, 20:00 hs. Cooperativa Virgen de la Viñas. 13700 Tomelloso. Ciudad Real. Madrid (Spain).

17 november, 20:00 hs. XX Concierto de Música de Otoño.19248 Hita, Guadalajara (Spain).

10 november. 20:00 hs. Casa de Cultura Giralt Laporta. 28210 Valdemorillo - Madrid. (Spain)

27 october, 20:15 hs. Centro Sociocultural De El Álamo.Calle del Romero, 1, 28607 El Álamo, Madrid (Spain).

29 september, 20:00 hs. Centro Cultural "Pilar Miró". Plaza Antonio María Segovia, 28031 Madrid (Spain).

19 september. 19:30 hs. Centro Cultural de los Ejercitos. Gran Vía, 13. 28013 Madrid (Spain).

1 september, 19:30 hs. Monasterio de San Francisco. Molina de Aragón, Guadalajara (Spain).

4 august, 20:00 hs. Teatro del Llar del jubilat. Llíria, Valencia. (Spain).

3 august, 23:00 hs. XV Festival Internacional de Música Oropesa del Mar ORFIM. Castellón. (Spain).

21 de july, 22:00 hs. Corral de Almaguer. 22:00 hs.Teatro-Auditorio Municipal.Toledo. (Spain).

9 june, 22:00 hs. Auditorio de la Despernada. Villanueva de la Cañada. (Spain).

12 may, 20:00 hs. Teatro Municipal las Cigüeñas, pza. de la Iglesia s/n. Hoyo de Manzanares. (Spain).

4 may. Centro Culturale Rosetum, Milano (Italy).

3 may, 12:00 hs. Teatro San Domenico. Fundación San Domenico-Instituto Musical L. Folconi, Crema (Italy).

2 may. Accademia Cremonensis. Palazzo Mina-Bolzesi, Cremona (Italy).

4 march, 19:00 hs. Hospital Nacional de Parapléjicos. Toledo. Spain.

1 march, 20:00 hs. Fundación Siglo Futuro. Teatro Moderno. Guadalajara. Spain.

26 january, 19:00 hs. Auditorio Municipal. Arroyomolinos. Spain.

20 january, 19:00 hs. Auditorio Mariana Pineda, Velilla de San Antonio. Spain.

14 january, , 12:00 hs. Centro Cultural Blas de Otero. San Sebastián de los Reyes. Spain

10 december, 12:00 hs. Espacio Contemplación, Madrid (Spain).

9 november, 20:00 hs. Centro Cultural Hispanoalemán Antonio Machado Deutsch. Köln, Deutschland (Germany).

8 november, "Concierto de tarde, Konzert am Nachmittag" - Speyer, Deutschland (Germany).

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19 october, 20:00 hs. NextStation 2017, Gala evening, Madrid. (Spain).

28 july, 20:30 hs. Inauguración del Festival de verano de Milagros, Burgos. (Spain).

22 june, 20:30 hs. Concierto solidario "Asociación infancia y cirugía en Dangbo", Museo de las Ciencias, Madrid. (Spain).

18 june, 12:00 hs. Casa de Granada, Madrid. (Spain).

11 june, 19:00 hs. Museo de la Ciudad, Torrejón de Ardóz. Madrid. (Spain).

15 may, 20:30 hs. Ciclo Lunes musical-Salón Antiguo Casino. Ciudad Real. (Spain).

20 may, 20:30 hs. Casa de Córdoba en Madrid, Madrid. (Spain).

29 april, 13:00 hs. Bodega Viña Bardela - Venturada, Madrid. (Spain).

26 april, Concierto Pedagógico en la Real Casa de la Moneda de Madrid. (Spain).

4 march 2017, 19:00 hs.Asociación Casa de Valencia. Madrid. (Spain).

25 february 2017, 20:00 hs. Asociación Cultural Kali Panoa. Collado Mediano - Madrid. (Spain).

1 february 2017, 20:30 hs. Inauguración de la exposición "Los Cuatro Elementos"- Sala de Exposiciones "La Paloma". Ayuntamiento de Madrid. (Spain).

1 december 2016, 19:00 hs. Exposición Fotográfica "Los cuatro elementos de la Naturaleza"- Concierto en Madrid. (Spain).

11 november 2016, 18:30 hs. Exposición fotográfica ¿Avanzamos? Derechos de las mujeres y las niñas.(Organizado por Amnistía Internacional). Concierto en Madrid. (Spain).

3 october 2016, 19:00 hs. Concierto inaugural del XXII ciclo musical "Casino de Madrid". (Spain).

18 september 2016, 18:00 hs. Hospital Nacional de parapléjicos de Toledo.

17 september 2016, 17:30 hs. Actúa Madrid 2016, 17:30 hs.(Patrocinado por la Cadena Ser). (Spain).

1 July 2016, 20:00 hs. Concierto solidario "Asociación infancia y cirugía en Dangbo" - Madrid

25 June 2016, 21.00 hs. Teatro de Rueda, Hansradtheater - Madrid

4 June 2016, Colegio Siglo XXI de las Rozas - Madrid (Spain).

2 june 2016, 19:30 hs. IV Festival Flamenco Conservatorio Profesional Arturo Soria de Madrid (Spain).

5 may 2016, 20:00 hs. Concierto inaugural del II Festival Mozart Ciudad de Talavera. (Spain).

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22 april 2016, 19:30 hs. Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid.

27 january 2016, 20 hs. Palacio de Abrantes , Instituto Italiano de Cultura de Madrid. (Spain).

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“CONCUERDA Y MAS” is a musical project in which different styles, periods, instruments and personalities meet together. This “Spanish Quintet” is a combination of the vibrating sound of the bowed string instruments and the plucking percusive sound of the flamenco guitar. In this ensemble, the guitar plays the role of the viola, and is the central instrument around which the legato of the bowed string instruments harmonizes with the rhythm, and the mixing of sharp and bass sounds.
CONCUERDA Y MAS’s main purpose is to return the flamenco style to the compositions of classical Spanish authors who based on flamenco, like Falla, Albéniz, Granados, and Turina. In this sense, CONCUERDA Y MAS blends the classical traditional style with the flamenco in the most harmonious way.
The critic has said: “Lyricism is their strongest point; their Nana was superb, their Rumores de la caleta and Malagueña contained excellent passages, and their Gitanerías was extremely rich and original.” Chalaura: live concert at Galileo Galilei.
Their performance at the Palace of Abrantes, seat for the Italian Institute of Culture in Madrid, has given CONCUERDA Y MAS the opportunity to perform once again with the instruments of the Academia Cremonensis at Cremona in Italy.
Contact: concuerdaymas@gmail.com

Flamenco guitar

Daniel Yagüe Inglada

 He teaches Spanish Classic guitar at Conservatory of Madrid. Accompanying Guitarrist of the National Dance Company. Composer and music conducer.


José Manuel Jiménez
José Carlos Martín

José Carlos studied in Madrid and Vienna. He holds a degree in Social Anthropology at the UAM and an Msc in Musical show management. Associated teacher at the VIU , conductor of the Arturo Soria Conservatory Orchestra and violin teacher.
José Manuel holds a degree from the RCSMM. He is a composer, arranger and he teaches violin and jazz music at the Professional Conservatory Arturo Soria.


Amparo Mas

Amparo holds a degree in Cello and Chamber Music from the RCSMM.
She polished her technique at the Alcalá de Henares University where she attended a high level performance course.
She theaches cello at the Professional Conservatory Arturo Soria in Madrid.

double bass

José Antonio García Alamá

He studied music in Valencia and Madrid and holds a degree as a superior teacher of Contrabass. Contrabass teacher at the Professional Conservatory Arturo Soria.
He has performed in more than 500 concerts to foster music interest among students in schools of Madrid.




Classic Spanish sounds that combine our own soul and melody.